Celebration- A Gallery of Trenton State


Celebrating similarities is one way of cultivating a college community. However, at a college where white students are the majority, it is empowering to celebrate differences and diversity. Specifically, this is the celebration of black culture. This is black joy. 

Greek Life

For a long time, Greek Life only involved the white students. As such, black students took it upon themselves to curate their own Greek Life space. The first all black fraternity group. The first all black sorority group. 

Omega Psi Phi (1977)


 Delta Sigma Theta (1979)

Utimme Umana; La Voz Oculta 

The Signal was Trenton State College’s most prominent newspaper group. However, it struggled with increasing the diversity within the writers. Black students took it upon themselves to create their own news group that could properly reflect experiences as an African American student at this college. 


From Association to Discipline

     Trenton State College did not always have African American studies. Originally starting out as a simple club, called Afro-American Association, it soon evolved into the proper discipline that The College of New Jersey can proudly celebrate. 


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